About Us!

Since 1999, we have been providing web design, writing, design, and technical solutions for private customers and businesses (even other web designers) in Vernon, Kelowna, the Okanagan, Canada, and beyond. We conduct business with integrity and honesty. We strive for quality and efficiency without losing our sense of humour.

We create illustration and photos to best display your brand. We choose and configure components for your web site. We take the bull by the horns to create full websites from the scraps of info thrown our way. 

We believe that all companies require a web presence and enjoy assisting small start-ups and entrepreneurs. On the other end of the scale, we have the skills to implement ecommerce solutions, and an array of online marketing solutions.

Meagan  Heinloo

[ Project Manager | Creative ] meagan Meagan is dedicated to seeing Bold clients thrive. She has a keen eye for detail and understands it is vital for local businesses to promote online. Broadly knowledgeable and technically inclined; Meagan can help with all aspects of your marketing. Her specialties include content creation, puzzle solving, and listening to - not just hearing - the needs of our clients.

Daniel  Mason

[ Web Developer | IT ] dan Daniel has a great love for programming and the endless opportunities to creatively find the perfect solution it brings. This interest led him to a career in web site design. He is a keen consultant and overflows with good ideas. Dan also has experience in a wide range of programming languages and lives to implement “cool functionality” & ”awesome methods of display”. Daniel is always ready to rise to a challenge and his energy is a great asset to the design and marketing team at Bold Media Group.

Ryan  Barrows

[Graphic Design] ryan01 With over 16 years design/business experience in media industries, and a degree in Multimedia Design, Ryan is well versed in helping businesses grow using online marketing and digital media. Coming to Bold after two years at Disney Interactive, Ryan possesses high-level computer proficiency alongside a strong grasp on sales, management, business development, project planning, graphic design, and web development.

Matt  McDowell

[ Filmmaker | Video Branding ] Matt McDowell Matt brings a wealth of video branding experience to the Bold Media team. Through compelling cinematography, dynamic interviews, and strong storytelling, Matt excels at creating a video experience that will entertain and inform. Matt taught filmmaking in Kelowna and received numerous awards for directing/writing in Los Angeles during his 20 years in the industry. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia and a BFA in Film/TV from UCLA. He’s created branding videos for charities, manufacturing companies, arts programs, law firms, retail sales, and health organizations.

  • "Personalized service really helped move the whole process along. Love the final e-commerce website and had our first order immediately"
    Allan Golanowski 5 out of 5 - Viking Leather Products
  • "They have been good to our organization, with providing prompt service and helpful advice"
    Shannon Paul-Jost 4 out of 5 - lakecountryhealth.ca
  • "I appreciate the accommodating, knowlegeable expert help I have received while working on my project with Tanis. Thank you Tanis and Meagan!"
    Jacqueline Correia 5 out of 5 - Brow Love
  • "the staff is the perfect blend of project managers, social media gurus, and web dev techs."
    T Kuntz 5 out of 5 - Chicken Feed Farms
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